The British Hedgehog Preservation Society offers help and advice about poorly hedgehogs, maintains a list of UK rehabilitators and hosts a range of downloadable posters and leaflets:

The People’s Trust for endangered Species works to protect ecosystems and threatened species, including hedgehogs. They have compiled a useful list of summaries of scientific papers about the European hedgehog: You can also download the West-European hedgehog Conservation Strategy and the guidance for detecting hedgehogs using footprint tunnels

Hedgehog Street is a campaign bringing together people, gardens and hedgehogs. You can learn all about hedgehogs, sign up to become a hedgehog champion and download the latest State of Britain’s Hedgehogs report You can also add your hedgehog sightings and hedgehog holes to their BIG Hedgehog Map:

Suffolk Wildlife Trust is running the Ipswich Hedgehog Project. Mark your hedgehog-friendly garden on their map and become an Ipswich hedgehog champion:

London Wildlife Trust would like help in finding Urban Urchins across London. You can add sightings to their map, help to survey and sign up to borrow a footprint tunnel:

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue is working to make Surrey Heath a hedgehog-friendly borough:

The Mammal Society advocates science-led conservation. You can find out information about hedgehogs, and often answer questionnaires and support campaigns:

The Royal Parks with the Zoological Society of London Wildlife Health Project, the Central Royal Parks Wildlife Group and Dr Nigel Reeve and Professor John Gurnell to survey the hedgehogs in Regent’s Park, London. You can report a sighting, sign up to be a ‘Hedgehog Hero’ and adopt a hedgehog.

Wildlife Watch is the junior branch of The Wildlife Trusts. You can become a member and get involved in lots of activities. They have a range of free downloadable activity sheets, including making compost, making a footprint trap and making a hedgehog home:

Wildcare sells Mammal Society footprint tunnels if you would rather buy than make your own:

Wildpro is an electronic encyclopaedia and library for wildlife, including lots of information on our West-European hedgehog:

Pro Igel, the Association for Integrated Nature Conservation in Germany advocates conservation of the West-European hedgehog and hosts a website packed full of hedgehog information:

Wildlife Online is an educational hobby website including some highly readable hedgehog information: